South Wales Police Federation

Announcement on a Pay Review Body

The Home Secretary has today confirmed the Home Office’s intention to implement a police pay review body.

Subject to parliamentary approval, the Police Remuneration Pay Body will be implemented in Autumn 2014 and will replace the existing Police Negotiating Board.

According to the government’s response to the consultation exercise, the pay review body will ‘with the exception of pensions, cover all aspects of police remuneration currently covered by the Police Negotiating Board including hours of duty, leave, pay and allowances, or the issue, use and return of police clothing and accoutrements’.

The exact details of the make-up of the body are yet to be confirmed.

PFEW statement

Steve Williams, Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales, said:

“The unique employment status of police officers was a significant consideration when the Police Negotiating Board - the current negotiating machinery - including the system of arbitration, was established following the recommendations of the Edmund-Davies Committee. A key principle of Edmund-Davies was that police officers’ pay and conditions of service should be determined by collective-bargaining with appropriate safeguards, due to their unique status and an inability to take industrial action.
“While the Police Federation of England and Wales does not welcome the announcement, we will engage fully with the pay review body once it is established, to ensure the interests of the officers we represent are best served by the new arrangements.”